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Tricom Technologies

Design Services

We provide Design Services in the following area:

Tricom Technologies Telecom
Tricom Technologies Display Systems
Tricom Technologies Network Monitoring
Tricom Technologies Office Automation
Tricom Technologies Industry Automation
Tricom Technologies Automobile Electronics
Tricom Technologies Avionics

Embedded System:
Tricom Technologies Mixed designs
Tricom Technologies High-speed Digital designs
Tricom Technologies Digital signal processing
Tricom Technologies PCI / USB based designs
Tricom Technologies ARM, x86, 68kIntel, x51,AVR32 embedded controller based designs
Tricom Technologies BSP Development
Tricom Technologies Schematic capture and Layout designs
Tricom Technologies Device driver for Windows
Tricom Technologies VHDL for CPLD and FPGA
Tricom Technologies GSM/GPRS/GPS/SMS based solutions
Tricom Technologies Control boards for DMP and Thermal Printer Mechanisms
Tricom Technologies SMPS Power Supply modules

Software Development:
Tricom Technologies CTI based IVR solutions
Tricom Technologies SDK development and application
Tricom Technologies Device driver for windows
Tricom Technologies Client-Server Applications
Tricom Technologies GUI using visual environment

  Other Tricom Products
Tricom Technologies

Automatic Ticket / Receipt Vending System
Tricom Technologies

Hand Held Device
Tricom Technologies

Electronic Cash Registers